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What weird vortex thing occurs on Broadway north of Irving Park and all the way up to Evanston? I have NEVER had a time when I’ve driven on that street when people didn’t suddenly start driving like complete morons, going 20 mph or randomly stopping in the middle of the street for no apparent reason. A trip from Irving Park to Devon, on Western Avenue, would take all of five minutes — if that. But hop on over to Broadway, and you’re looking at a 10-15 minute drive. What’s up with that? This is what makes me hate, hate, hate, Edgewater. Well, that, and its dinginess.


In happier news, I’m giddy after discovering Whole Foods stocks Voss sparkling water. I’ve long had a love affair with Pellegrino (and in high school, Perrier is practically all I’d drink), but after staying at the Conrad Chicago Hotel with K. last fall (where we had all the Voss we wanted), I think I’ve found a new infatuation. And the bottles are much easier to carry around…