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sunday, bloody sunday

Kim called earlier today, and since I’ve got a killer headache, I went to lay down on my bed while I chatted with her. My cat, who under normal circumstances keeps her distance, has some weird thing about needing to be by me while I’m in bed or on the telephone. Combine the two, and she becomes one bitchy, needy cat. I wasn’t in the place to be a good cat mama at the time, and pushed her off the bed with my foot… well, she HOOKED INTO MY FOOT with one of her claws and was SUSPENDED IN MID-AIR FOR AT LEAST TWO SECONDS while still being HOOKED INTO MY FOOT.

In short, I now have a puncture wound on the top of my foot. I soaked through two Kleenexes before I could get the bleeding to stop (I seriously think she nicked a vein, since it sure seems that there’s a vein across the top of my foot that goes right across where the hole is now), and now I’ve got blood stains on my snazzy green bathmat. Leave it to me to have the weirdest possible things in the world continue to happen.

PS – Word to the wise: Season Four of Sex and the City is NOT TO BE WATCHED if you are a single woman in your 30s who is not currently in a stable long-term relationship. View at your own peril, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Sigh.