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even more stupidity

It SEEMED like a good idea to go out last night. But it wasn’t.

Actually, it could have turned out well, if not for the three beers, three shots of bourbon (or was it four?), and the two cigarettes I bummed off of a 25-year-old guy with a nice handshake. And the fact that I hadn’t really eaten all day didn’t help things. (I did have Frites and a yummy salad at the Hopleaf, though…)

This is what I get for basically not exercising my drinking muscles for three months. Somehow, I got home in one piece, set my alarm for a responsible 9:30am, and undressed without ripping any clothing.

I woke up sounding like a 60-year-old smoker from the South Side and found a hand towel in my toilet. I’d like to think the latter was an accident…