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something’s gotta give

Though I’ve resisted the urge to watch Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson in Something’s Gotta Give since 2003, this evening I was stuck in front of a television with nothing but reruns and the battery on my cell phone was running low (so I couldn’t even play Sudoku)…and I succumbed. The best lines:

You don’t actually believe the things you say, do you? You don’t think you can outsmart being hurt. You can’t hide from love for the rest of your life because maybe it won’t work out. Maybe you’ll become unglued. It’s just not a way to live.

How true. The sentiment there almost — but not quite — makes up for the fact that Diane Keaton is the Hollywood version of my mother, and I have a difficult time taking her self-indulgent characters seriously… everything from her mannerisms to the way she laughs and cries is ENTIRELY My Mother. Watching the film was like living with her again. And since the last time I actually enjoyed living “at home” was when I was nine years old, that’s unpleasant.