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how not to be normal

I’m more productive after noon, most so after midnight. But since everyone else works during the day, and the only social time I get is in the evening, I end up goofing off most of the day, going out at night, staying up until 4am to work, and living on three hours of sleep because I’m teaching in the morning. This can’t possibly be healthy, but I don’t quite know how else to structure things. Perhaps I need to adopt the sleep schedule of a shift worker: sleep from 4am until 10am (or a bit later), and then awake ready to get things done in my zone of productivity (and stop agreeing to teach these damned morning classes!). I’d still be able to hang out with friends and have an active social life (though their “late night” would be my “mid-afternoon”) and get lots more work done. Given that the boys don’t live with me, that’s doable. But it also makes me feel rather slothful, as if I can’t just suck it up and be a normal person and sleep at “regular” times. I think once the semester ends, though, I’m going to give it a try. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t work and I go back to all my crazy sleep-schedule permutations.