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ruminations on city life

A tells me I need to be more understanding of people who visit big cities from places like Montana and Nebraska and Wyoming and realize that perhaps they’re justified in gawking at skyscrapers and gasping at traffic jams. However, it’s much more fun to roll my eyes and be thankful I had the good sense to not become one of those people. I think this goes along with my relative inability to readily* bring forth my inner child, instead preferring to conjure up my inner jaded 80-year-old woman with a sandpaper voice who hacks up phlegm because she’s dying from emphysema.

It’s not exactly that I’m snide when it comes to people who display a keen sense of childlike wonder; it’s that I don’t understand why anyone would choose innocence (no matter how charming) over a quick city wit, the ability to navigate public transportation, and an innate sense of knowing that it’s a really, really bad idea to just stop in the middle of an intersection to figure out which way is north. Just cross the street, damnit!, and figure it all out later. [And yes, this can surely be added to the long list of statements which rather succinctly summarize my perspective on life.]

*Consider this infinitive purposely split. It’s an archaic rule based on the idiotic notion that English has to act like Latin (a language in which it’s impossible to split an infinitive because it’s only ONE WORD…), which is clearly fucked up.