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friday night & part of my saturday

OK, so if traveling has taught me ANYTHING it’s that things rarely go as I plan. And when you’re talking about traveling in a city filled with unpredictability, that’s doubly true. I spent way too much time chatting with Denis on Gmail when I was supposed to be getting ready… and so my dinner was kettle corn from Dale & Thomas. Walking there, I had the (mis)fortune of walking in front of tourists, and was able to overhear some gems:

“Wow! It’s a church. I didn’t know they had churches in New York.”

“I want to go see something famous.” (said in the MIDDLE OF TIMES SQUARE)

“Do they really make the popcorn while you watch? I’ve never heard of such a thing!”

After fighting through crowds of stupid people/tourists gawking – golly gee! – at all those bright lights, I finally made it to the Paris Theatre, procured my paper ticket through the little ticket box thingie, and then proceeded to walk nearly to 7th Avenue (the theatre is at 58th Street and 6th Avenue) to wait in line. Show was supposed to start at 9:55, but they delayed it until 10:15 and kept us out IN THE FRICKIN’ COLD until nearly 10pm. By the time I got inside, my toes were frozen (note to self: no stilettos when standing outside in 17-degree temps for 45 minutes is a distinct possibility).

The movie was out about 12:30am & I didn’t feel like taking the subway at that hour, so I hailed a cab back to the hotel, where I met up with BrooklynBoy. He’s looking well, and he’s very busy with his indie movie job and recording a new album with his band. We stayed up pretty darn late talking and I didn’t get that much sleep, so I got somewhat of a late start. Around noon, I made my way to the subway to get to the Upper West Side, where I’m staying at the Jazz on the Park hostel, but the C train wasn’t running and I had to wait practically forever for the A train.

I’d been thinking about catching a film at the IFC, but I think I may just explore Central Park. The weather is much nicer today than yesterday, and it’s a perfect day for strolling and jotting in my Moleskine notebook. Eating would probably be good, too: in the past 24 hours, my caloric intake has consisted of my Dale & Thomas kettle corn, a pineapple muffin, a cup of coffee, and about a gallon of water. I’m not that hungry, but if I don’t eat soon I think I’ll start to feel it. So, then: eating, exploring, hanging out with Deadhead(s), and enjoying the city. While part of me feels somewhat lame not doing more touristy things, there’s something particularly satisfying about just being, simply experiencing the city as a passive observer.