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stranger than fiction

I finally watched Stranger Than Fiction. Odd that I hadn’t seen it before now, since I usually pounce on movies filmed in Chicago during opening weekend, especially those filmed in places I know (in this case, at UIC, where I’ve been wandering around since 1994). In any case, I watched it today and it’s official: I think movie companies should put warning labels on films, particularly those that will quite possibly launch their viewers into a state of existential crisis or, should they already BE in an existential criss, despair. Yes, the movie was lovely. But I wasn’t exactly in the mood to ponder free will vs. determinism or listen to the pseudo-intellectual Dustin Hoffman character wax poetic about “Little did he know…” [Speaking of which: it’s amazing to me the way intellectuals in academia are portrayed in movies. Has anyone who’s ever written a movie involving professors actually ever OBSERVED one? I think not.]

I think I should watch the movie again when I’m having a better day. And FYI: other movies that should have been labeled Existentially Dangerous: The Last Kiss (esp. if you’re in your 30s and yet to have a midlife crisis), Shopgirl, Broken Flowers, All the Real Girls, and (of course) I Heart Huckabees. I’m sure I can think of others, too, but for now I’m going to take a bubble bath and cry just a wee bit.