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musings to remember

Sorry folks, but this even includes semi-suburbs such as Oak Park. I spent the morning there yesterday while W tested for Northwestern University’s Center for Talent Development and wanted to pull my hair out by the time I left. My two hours sitting in Panera Bread for its free wifi were torture. To all of my friends: if I ever even start to talk about moving out of the city proper, tie me up and throw me in a basement until I come to my senses.

Do not bring red wine to my house. Because then, weeks later, I drink it under unsuspecting circumstances – hey! what do I have to drink? let’s drink this ENTIRE BOTTLE OF RED WINE! – and end up with a red wine headache the next morning. This is a horribly inconvenient and unfortunate development, especially since I have a mid-term exam due within 72 hours.

Okay, so I’m being a bit hyperbolic. What I mean is “ill-behaved children who belong to other people suck.” I am so fed up with kids who cannot behave in public (and, presumably, in private). Whatever happened to the concepts of sitting still, being polite, and not acting like bobo monkeys?

Spring 2007 marks five years of being in school full-time, with Summer 2006 being the only term I’ve taken off (unless you count the two weeks off when B. was born during Fall 2002 or the two weeks off for brain surgery in Fall 2005). When I am finally done with my second M.A., I am taking a year off, even if the endorphins responsible for my seeming addiction to higher education start rushing through my brain again. And maybe I’ll even decide to end it all there, depending on how that year goes.

Took B and W to see The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! at the Lifeline Theatre today. The production was good enough, but as a radical vegan mama I was a bit appalled. One of the main musical numbers included the wolf offering justification for eating the pigs by saying, “if someone asked you to stop eating cheeseburgers because it was wrong, you’d do it anyhow because they’re so good and eating them is part of being human!” Thankfully B. wasn’t paying attention and W. knows enough about these issues that we gave each other looks with raised eyebrows and smirks.

My favorite Chicago radio station – WXRT – is offering a nonstop flashback weekend, where each hour a different year is featured. It’s not so much the music that’s making this enjoyable – though it is interesting and nostalgia inspiring – but, instead, the tidbits about television, news, movies, and popular culture. They’re also including the DJs’ personal recollections about concerts or other musical things they experienced in those years. So far, my favorites include tales of the Monterey Pop Festival and the Summer Jam at Watkins Glen.

Most everyone knows that I believe one’s answer to the question “Led Zeppelin or The Who?” says a lot about a person, and I’ve come up with a few more dialectical relationships: Beatles/The Rolling Stones, Nirvana/Pearl Jam, The Pixies/The Pogues, Green Day/Smashing Pumpkins, Phish/Dave Matthews Band, and Garbage/No Doubt. Any others are welcome… it’s always interesting to come up with bands that are somewhat similar but opposed enough that the one preferred makes a statement…

All right, already! Back to work, despite a nagging red wine headache and still feeling a bit under the weather. No one can procrastinate like I can, but even this procrastinator has to get to work sometime.


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